My name is Mark, I live in Poland and I just wanted to write a word or two about myself, so you know who you are reading from.

A while back in my past, I got addicted to some chemical substances. I never really noticed it happen, I was sure I had it under control. Some subesquent events made it necessary for me to quit, and I went through an extremely bad (for myself at least) withdrawal period. It wasn’t physical withdrawal, more like psychological. It made me question myself a lot, and it has been my most important endavour since then to simply achieve that which we are all looking for: happiness. But, I want to achieve it without having to set goals or buy expensive things – I simply want to achieve it with my own mind, in a natural way which doesn’t make me dependant on any object or goal for my happiness.

This blog is a documentation of all that I’ve learned so far (which is very little in comparison to what lies before me still), I hope that someone will read this and get something out of it for himself. Enjoy your stay here, and do come back! Thank you.