Reduce your kitchen appliances for more comfort

A few days ago, I was looking at the pile of dishes that accumulated in my kitchen-sink that day. While I was dreading the moment I would have to take care of them, it occurred to me: why do I actually have so many appliances in my kitchen?

So I took a look. Here is roughly what I found:

– 12 large spoons
– 8 smaller spoons
– 15 forks
– 12 knives
– 7 large plates
– 5 small plates
– 7 bowls
– 12 glasses

And that’s even though I only live with my girlfriend.

This is most likely because I wanted to feel ‘safe’ that I always had enough appliances no matter what (or perhaps it is a habit I acquired while living with my parents?). After giving it just a few seconds of thought, though, I realized that the only thing this bunch of appliances was doing is causing me to be more stressed out and have much more work to do when it comes to dish washing (and that’s even though I do have an automatic dish-washer, which still requires some work to load, unload and dry). Instead of washing things as I was done with them, I was in the habit of constantly reaching for a new, clean piece of appliance – after all there were so many of them in the kitchen that I never had to worry. But in the end, that moment where you would have to do the dishes would come, and I would hate it 🙂

I immediately got to work, and reduced the above list to the following:

– 4 large spoons
– 2 smaller spoons
– 3 knives
– 3 large plates
– 1 small plate
– 3 bowls
– 3 glasses

And the rest of the stuff I just hid in a cupboard inside a box, and will only dive into it if I ever have a lot of guests come in and really need the extra appliances. Just make sure they are hidden somewhere where it is not super-easy to access them, otherwise you will continue to use them on a daily basis. Just wrapping them up inside some paper bag and hiding it in a hard-to-reach place will be enough.

This was around 4 days ago, and I _IMMEDIATELY_ saw the results. My sink never has time to get filled up with dirty appliances, since I have to wash what I’ve used in order to use it again. I have more place in my kitchen in general. I find what I’m looking for much easier because the things I’m looking for don’t get mixed up together.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should follow my reduction scheme exactly – we all have different needs. Do consider, however, which of the appliances you really need to have available at hand, and which are simply an extra burden that is causing you more pain than helping.

It has definitely helped me 🙂 my day has just become a little more organized and I feel better in my own home. Life has just gotten a bit happier for me 🙂


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